Book Review – Walking to Listen

Title: Walking to Listen

Author: Andrew Forsthoefel

Page Count: 365

Genre: Memoir/Travelogue

Rating: 5/5

Quick Review: I picked this book off the clearance rack at the University of Washington bookstore. Its subtitle “4,000 Miles Across America, One Story at a Time” is what caught my eye. The book is all in first person language which I personally enjoyed and doesn’t really press any overarching theme on the reader. Rather it details Andrew’s experiences and interactions with the people he met along his journey as well as his own introspection and the trials he faced during his time walking. I genuinely enjoyed reading this text and was surprised at the kindness that was shown to him along his journey. Walking across America never really crossed my mind, however, after reading Andrew’s story the idea has sort of been imprinted into the back of my mind. I would recommend this book to anyone regardless of their interests or hobbies. Quite simply it’s a story about people and I believe everyone could take something away from it.

If Walking to Listen sounds interesting you can purchase it here!

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