Book Review – The Fear of Doing Nothing

Title: The Fear of Doing Nothing

Author: Valery Hazanov

Page Count: 189

Genre: Psychology/Biographical

Rating: 4/5

Quick Review: After finishing my last book a friend offered to let me read The Fear of Doing Nothing since I’m abroad and reading material is more difficult to come across. It isn’t necessarily in the same vein as my usual reads but it was intriguing none-the-less. The book’s format is fairly simple, it starts with a sort of biographical introduction that sets up the framework for the rest of the novel. That first chapter is followed by nine accounts by author Valery Hazanov of some of his most interesting or impactful psychotherapy patients. The first couple of chapters took some getting used to but I enjoyed the last four chapters. I felt the patients themselves were easier to relate too and the commentary felt more organic. Overall, it was a nice taste break from the usual business books I tend to read. I would recommend it to anybody interested in psychotherapy, the human condition, or dissociative disorders.

If The Fear of Doing Nothing sounds interesting you can purchase it here!

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