Book Review – The Alter Ego Effect

Title: The Alter Ego Effect

Author: Todd Herman

Page Count: 231

Genre: Business/Mentorship

Rating: 4/5

Quick Review: I ran across this book a few months back when I was in my local Barnes and Noble. At the time I didn’t purchase it but I made sure to put it on my list and recently made my way through it. The premise of the book, using secret identities to transform your life, was intriguing to me as one of my professors had lectured on a similar topic this past semester. Todd Herman takes a very chronological approach throughout the novel. He walks readers through the process of creating alter egos to maximize our potential in specified situations. By sprinkling in personal anecdotes and examples from his anonymous clients, he keeps the book interesting and relevant to individuals from almost any background. Overall, I found the book to be incredibly insightful and although it appears a bit cliche at times, I think if the maxims are taken seriously readers will see their lives change for the better.

If The Alter Ego Effect sounds interesting you can purchase it here!

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