Book Review – Start Something That Matters

Title: Start Something That Matters

Author: Blake Mycoskie

Page Count: 185

Genre: Autobiography/Business/Social Entrepreneurship

Rating: 5/5

Quick Review: This book was part of the assigned reading materials for one of my classes. As such I read it much slower than I would have independently. However, reading it chapter by chapter and having to answer questions gave me a better understanding of the message. The beginning of this book details the author’s own experience with starting a business, TOMS shoes and how he came up with the One-for-One business model. The rest of the text details the importance of incorporating a social mission into your business and doing so from the business conception rather than after achieving some form of success. Blake wrote a lot on audiences, budget friendly resources, volunteering and trust. Overall, it was a really fascinating read and a book I would recommend to anyone regardless of their interest in business or entrepreneurship.

If Start Something That Matters sounds interesting you can purchase it here!

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