Book Review – Robin

Title: Robin

Author: Dave Itzkoff

Page Count: 440

Genre: Biography

Rating: 5/5

Quick Review: I’ve had my eye on the Robin Williams biography since it first came out but had been holding out for the paperback version. I was finally able to snag a copy and worked my way through the book relatively quickly given its length and my current schedule. It was easily one of the best biographies that I’ve read, granted I rarely meet one I don’t enjoy. 

Growing up I saw Robin Williams in movies like Night and The Museum and Goodwill Hunting but didn’t know much about him beyond a couple of blockbuster movies. However, I still found this novel wildly entertaining and enjoyed learning about his life. My continued interest in the book, despite any prior fanfare over Robin Williams, probably says a lot about Dave Itzkoff’s ability to write an entertaining and accurate account of someone’s life. Overall, if you enjoy biographies, learning about people, or Robin Williams then I would highly recommend this novel.

If Robin sounds interesting you can purchase it here!

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