Book Review – How to Be a Stoic

Title: How to Be a Stoic

Author: Massimo Pigliucci

Page Count: 239

Genre: Philosophy

Rating: 4/5

Quick Review: Two of my friends recommended this book and once I had some spare time to sit down and really dig into it, I sped through the chapters. It’s not an easy ready and requires the reader’s attention and thoughtful thinking. I would recommend annotating or whatever form of note-taking you prefer. The author takes readers on a journey with ancient Stoic philosopher Epictetus as he explores themes of life like anxiety, relationships, death, etc. Moreover, he offers personal anecdotes from his life and how adopting a Stoic mindset has helped him lead a more meaningful and purposeful life. Despite having difficulty understanding the entirety of the book I quite enjoyed it. I believe that Pigliucci does a great job of presenting Stoicism in an appealing way that doesn’t push anything upon the reader and even draws parallels to other popular philosophies and religions. It manages to be an enjoyable and informational read that carefully toes the line of throwing judgments at the reader. I think this book would be beneficial to anyone looking to better understand themselves and how to lead a more thoughtful life. 

If How to Be a Stoic sounds interesting you can purchase it here!

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