Book Review – Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

Title: Great Minds Don’t Think Alike

Author: Emily Gosling

Page Count: 125

Genre: Creativity/Historical Study

Rating: 4/5

Quick Review: I walked past this book in a metro bookshop while studying abroad in Australia. The cover piqued my interest so upon returning to the states I decided to order a copy. It’s not necessarily a cover to cover read like most of the books I pick up. Rather it’s more similar to a historical case study that explores the creative habits of 56 creative geniuses across a variety of disciplines. Some of the studies were incredibly interesting and others were a little hard to understand as they felt outside an industry I was familiar with. However, I think overall it’s a solid book. One that you leave on your coffee table and reference when you need a little creative spark. If you have any interest in creativity, notable creative geniuses, or the psychological aspect of creativity and motivation I would highly recommend this piece by Emily Gosling.

If Great Minds Don’t Think Alike sounds interesting you can purchase it here!

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