About Me – Old

Hello, my name is Tanner Hauck. I’m 20 years old and originally from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I’m the oldest of three siblings and had a pretty typical midwestern upbringing. My father is a real estate agent and my mother is a elementary school teacher. From a young age they instilled in me the importance of hard work, independence, creativity and education. Growing up we spent weekends camping, Christmas Eve’s eating walking tacos and weekday nights around the dinner table.

After high school I decided to move outside my comfort zone to Tempe, Arizona. I’m currently a sophomore at Arizona State University studying Finance and Business Data Analytics. Additionally, I am pursuing certificates in International Business and Cross-Sector Leadership. Right now my future still remains ambiguous but I could foresee myself ending up in financial services, politics, data-driven marketing, product development (with an emphasis on tech) or even higher education.

In my free time I enjoy reading biographies and entrepreneurship books, writing, working on graphic design projects, hiking, backpacking, camping, watching basketball, kayaking, listening to music, traveling and buying shoes. Furthermore, I enjoy taking a stab at entrepreneurial endeavors such as novel writing, product development, and app development.

That’s who I am in a nutshell. I’m always looking for new experiences, new ideas and new adventures and more than open to advice. Thanks for reading!

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